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Current Opportunities:

  • Freelance Designer
  • Freelance Illustrator

For more information on open positions contact: Joe at

Our Team's Favorite Designs

Why we do what we do

It's a definitely big idea. And there's no doubt a lot of responsibility when you make a statement like this. But we take it to heart. It's our "why". It's the reason we wake up and get excited about what we do. We care about our team. We care about creating high-quality art. We care about the customers who trust us to bring their dreams to life. Our "why" is something that we take very seriously. And we set out to do it every single day.

Where are we

Whether you live in our backyard (Cleveland, OH) or across the country, we have the best artists working everywhere. We have roots in the East coast, West coast, North coast and all through the South. No matter where you go, you'll find that our team can design to any style you can imagine!


Michael Schwartz

UTees Art Contractor

"I love working for UTees because it has helped me grow as a graphic designer and artist. I've learned a lot about working with different clients, and how to meet their expectations. The team is very helpful, they're always willing to teach me something new. I feel like I learn something new every week."

Molly Zeiger

UTees Art Contractor

"I love having the opportunity to work for University Tees as an Art contractor. It has given me great exposure to a real world graphic design environment. It's really rewarding to be creating artwork that goes on apparel worn by so many people! The UTees team is made up of so many creative and supportive people which makes it an awesome environment to work in!"

Ibolya Konkoly

Campus Manager™, Univ. of Kansas

"For a recent job, I loved the art I got for the Dad's Weekend apparel! I did my best to have a detailed art request that highlighted what I really wanted. The artist on that order has always done really good work for me and I love the detail she incorporates. In this art specifically, I felt confident that my wishes were addressed and the design was personalized to the customer's wishes. The design came out to be just what I wanted. Plus, the chapter gave great feedback about how this design is something they haven't seen before and it was unique to our campus! I know my dad loves the design and I even did a reorder for it because so many people loved it!"


Why do we staff seasonally?

During our busiest times of year (Aug to Nov & Feb to Apr), we receive a CRAZY amount of requests for artwork! The nature of our business creates high peaks and valleys (that coincide with school semesters) which means we need a rockstar team to help us during our peaks. We GREATLY value our team of seasonal contract artists for this reason and hope that by giving them access to a position with great flexibility and community, we can attract talented artists to work with us during our harvest season.

Am I able to work part-time?

Absolutely, we always can accommodate a few part-time seasonal contract artists, especially students who are currently in design school. Just be aware that spaces are limited, since we are only able to accommodate so many part-time artists at once.

What if I'm interested in making artwork but not in a seasonal graphic design position?

We may have a position available for you as a freelance illustrator! Ask us about our UTees Resource Artist Program which encompasses all of our amazing illustrators and graphic designers we work with every season. There is a separate application process for this program, so reach out to us if you are interested. For more information, please contact our Art Director, Sam Grusell, at: We would be happy to send you more information.

What if I'm interested in a full-time position*?

  • - If a full-time position becomes available, you must fulfill 3 out of the 5 items below in order to qualify for a promotion.
  • - Have at least 1 semester of experience
  • - Maintain accuracy average of 90% over the past semester
  • - Have a positive attitude
  • - Receive positive feedback from Art team based on a 360° peer review
  • - Maintain appropriate art efficiency for role

* A Jr. Designer position vacancy is required in order to qualify.

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