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Campus Manager™

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Hi, I'm Allie

Capital University

University Tees has the mission of developing people and changing lives, and through my experience as a campus manager, I can truly say that this mission is a reality. As a campus manager, I have had the opportunity to meet so many new people on my college campus and even on other campuses as well. These people have become forever friends over a shared love for one thing- custom apparel! In addition, I have had the opportunity to be selfless and help others. Whether it was through a service initiative this past year at Summer Sales Conference, or through supporting customer's philanthropy events on my campus, I have seen myself grow into a more kind and understanding individual. Helping customers get amazing custom apparel is by far the best job on campus and I am so thankful because I know I wouldn't be who I am today without my experiences with University Tees!

Hi, I'm Katie

Willamette University

Being a CM has hands-down been one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of my college experience! I love that UTees has provided me so many opportunities to build genuine relationships with others. Between working with countless clubs and organizations on campus to get them the best apparel, and meeting Campus Managers from across the country at sales conferences, being a CM has pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible both personally and professionally. The UTees mission is to Develop People and Change Lives, and I know firsthand how genuine this is— being a CM has taught me so many valuable skills and given me the confidence to succeed in whatever career path I end up in!

Hi, I'm Lisa

Baylor University

Working for UTees as a Campus Manager has allowed me to develop my professional skills while doing a job I really enjoy! I love how creative and interactive the work is, and I have had a lot of fun getting more connected at Baylor through working with different types of student organizations (not just Greek!). The core values of University Tees really inspire me, and everyone in the company genuinely works to encourage one another and follow the company mission to “develop people and change lives”. Being a Campus Manager has been a dynamic, positive experience and has been one of my favorite aspects of college!

Campus Manager™

Want the most interesting opportunity on campus? You will be networking with student organizations, implementing campaigns, facilitating sales and making t-shirts for thousands of happy students. Best part is, it’s on your time and the possibilities for pay are endless. You will smile the entire time and love what you do. We guarantee it!

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Network with Organizations

Arrange In-Person Meetings

Influence Over Social Media

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Campus Manager™

Qualities of a Successful Team Member

Social, Outgoing Personality

Entrepreneurial Attitude

Strong Organizational Skills

Fanatical Attention to Detail

Dependable and Resourceful

Customer-First Mindset

All About Experience

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