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As a CM you will have the most interesting job on campus. You will be networking with student organizations, implementing campaigns, facilitating sales and making t-shirts for thousands of happy students. Best part is, it’s on your time and the possibilities for pay are endless. You will smile the entire time and love what you do. We guarantee it!

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During my interviews with P&G, it was important to show that I could deliver results. Being a Campus Manager made that a topic of ease! I was able to show my sales, the organizations and events I impacted, and the connections I made on campus. University Tees taught me how to achieve results and goals I was motivated by and hold myself accountable. This job didn't just make my college experience better but opened the door to my dream job!

Shannon O’Connell

University of Cincinnati

UTees provided me with the work ethic to excel at any company I pursued post-grad. Continuing a career in sales at the Kraft Heinz Company, I've been able to seek out new business opportunities and assist in the sell in of our various products. I’ve found that the skills I learned as a CM have helped me succeed in a different industry and couldn't be more proud to have UTees as the backbone of my sales career.

Haley Winslow

University of Missouri

Being a CM with UTees provided me with the opportunity learn how to establish strong relationships and put my customers first. One of IBM’s 3 values is dedication to every client¹s success. Being able to reference the numerous customer experiences I had during my time as a CM helped me to better understand the IBM culture and exemplify my unique value as a seller.

Kegan Moesta

Susquehanna University

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