University Tees mission:

Develop People + Change Lives™

University Tees is not just clothes. It is the people inside them. It is you. It is us. Our team. Who we are. How we think. What we believe. That is what sets us apart. And brings us together. University

Tees exists to Develop People and Change Lives™. It’s our company’s purpose, and the reason we are passionate about coming to work every day. DPCL™ means investing in our team members, community and customers so we can be the best versions of ourselves in everything we do. Over the next 10 years, University Tees will invest over $6.5 million to Develop People and Change Lives™


Our 2018/19 DPCL Initiatives

  1. DPCL™ Scholarship

    Deadline: Wednesday, April 15th 2020

    If you weren’t pursuing higher education, we wouldn’t have you as a customer, and we love having you as a customer. Our company was created to help college students, and now we want to help pay for your tuition. We want to hear from you: what does DPCL mean to you? Let us know in a video or written format, and we will choose one student to win our $500 scholarship!


    • All entries must answer the question “What does DPCL mean to you?”
    • Entry can be in written or video format
    • All entries must be submitted to
    • Any questions can be submitted to
  2. Philanthropy Donation Program

    We want to help you reach your donation goals! Did you know that we can donate a portion of your order back to your philanthropy? To learn more, visit our philanthropy page or talk to your CM

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DPCL Testimonials

To me, DPCL means more than just t-shirts. It’s helping develop each and every person in this company and beyond into a better person than they were the day before. University Tees has made me more confident in myself as well as my people skills and has set me up for success in all my future endeavors. This is the best job any college student can possibly have and I am proud to be a part of something so amazing.

Alex Wittner, University of Kentucky

University Tees has changed the way I think about business through their use of DPCL. DPCL reminds me that we can impact people in their everyday lives, even if we don’t know it. Through the use of DPCL, University Tees has inspired me to work hard and be confident in myself and my abilities in order to be the best I can at anything I do!

Meghan Strobel, Kansas State University

To me DPCL really comes down to caring about the people around you. Whether you are a Campus Manager or full-time team member at HQ, we do everything we can to invest in our team members to help them grow professionally and personally so that they can achieve their goals within the company and outside of work as well. The reason we have been so successful over the years is because we all work together as a team and don’t just look out for what’s best for ourselves, we all look out for what’s best for each other. It’s an amazing feeling to be able come into work every day and be surrounded by so many people who truly care!

Anthony DeGirolamo

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