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Who knew great ideas could be created in a dorm room?

University Tees began in a dorm room at Miami University in 2003. As sophomore business majors, Nick and Joe were organizing a t-shirt order for their business fraternity and after becoming frustrated with their experience, they decided there had to be a better way. So, like any good entrepreneur, they started their own company. Their vision was simple: to create the best custom apparel experience the college market had ever seen.

It took a few times to get it right (ask them about their Green Beer Day t-shirt debacle), but eventually, they nailed it. Because they were students at the time, they hired other students to help with sales and graphic design. This is still the model we use today! College students working with other college students to make everyone’s wildest t-shirt dreams come true.

Our values define us. We don’t have posters with bad stock photography and cheesy sayings to reinforce our values. We live by them! We hire, reward, and recognize based on these values. Click on each word above to learn more.


Putting others’ needs before your own. Those who are selfless, help other people get what they want.


Having a whatever-it-takes mentality and being loyal to one another. Staying faithfully loyal to commitments & obligations.


Seeing options and opportunities rather than the obstacles. Those who are resourceful use good judgment and find a way to make something happen.


Not waiting for others to solve a problem, but diving deep into finding a resolution. Always hungry and eager to improve.


People you want to go on a 4-hour road trip with. Always kind, friendly, fun, and delivering happiness.

utees purpose


Develop People and Change Lives

Custom apparel is what we do, but DPCL is why we do it. University Tees exists to Develop People and Change Lives. It’s our company’s purpose, and the reason we are passionate about coming to work every day. DPCL impacts everyone – from full-time people in our headquarters and regional offices to Campus Managers across the country. In short, DPCL means that we are continuously striving to be the best version of ourselves and to help everyone around us be their best. We believe in continuous growth and lifelong learning. Team members have many opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Every team member is given a DPCL budget to better themselves, from taking public speaking classes, to attending a leadership seminar, to hiring a personal trainer, to taking guitar lessons. We also have workshops, speakers, volunteer opportunities, and book clubs open to all team members. Click on each featured employee below to see what DPCL means to them.


It feels so good to work at a place where the team members care about the work they do just as much as the company cares about the team members. DPCL is the foundation of University Tees, and the reason why every job here is better than that same position at so many other companies.

Nick Marchetti

Senior Designer

To me, DPCL means that I will aim to be a better person today than I was yesterday. It’s about making the world a better place by inspiring my loved ones and the people around me to be the best versions of themselves as well.

Erica Bryant

Order Coordinator

I like to think the DP part of my job is through my interaction with my students, and the CL part of my job is their interaction with me. We help develop students by providing them with a job in college, and my students change my life every time they call to tell me about a new customer they landed or big order they closed and are proud of. Working with students is easily the most fun and rewarding part of my job!

Caitlin Young

Business Development Leader

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